Pharmacovigilance and Case processing


Pharmacovigilance and Case processing

Safeguarding Patients Health Through Pharmacovigilance

Our pharmacovigilance services are designed to monitor and ensure the safety of pharmaceutical products throughout their lifecycle, from pre-market development to post-market surveillance.

At Pro Pharma Research Organization, we understand the critical importance of pharmacovigilance in protecting patients from potential adverse effects and ensuring the efficacy of medications. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to conducting comprehensive pharmacovigilance activities to enhance patient safety and uphold the highest standards in the pharmaceutical industry.

Service overview

Adverse Event Monitoring

We employ cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to continuously monitor and analyze adverse events associated with pharmaceutical products. Our team tracks and evaluates adverse event reports to identify potential safety concerns.

Signal Detection and Evaluation

We conduct thorough signal detection and evaluation to identify emerging safety concerns, potential risks, and patterns. This process helps us proactively address issues and make informed decisions regarding product safety.

Risk Assessment

Our experts assess the severity and probability of risks associated with pharmaceutical products, enabling us to prioritize safety measures and implement risk mitigation strategies.

Regulatory Compliance

We stay up-to-date with evolving regulatory requirements to ensure that our clients' pharmacovigilance activities align with global compliance standards. We provide support in regulatory submissions and audits.

Data Management and Analysis (PPROVigi)

Our data management capabilities enable us to collect, process, and analyze pharmacovigilance data efficiently. We generate detailed reports and insights to support informed decision-making. We can use PPROVigi our proprietary data management software for ICSRs and observational studies.

Benefit-Risk Assessment

We conduct benefit-risk assessments to help pharmaceutical companies make well-informed decisions about their products, considering both the benefits they provide and the associated risks.

Risk Minimization Strategies

Based on our assessments, we develop and implement risk minimization strategies, including Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) and Risk Minimization Action Plans (RMPs).

Pharmacovigilance Training and Consulting

We offer training programs and consulting services to help clients build their in-house pharmacovigilance capabilities, ensuring long-term compliance and safety besides training to Sales force.

Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSURs) and Periodic Benefit-Risk Evaluation Reports (PBRERs)

Our team is proficient in generating comprehensive PSURs and PBRERs to meet regulatory obligations and provide essential updates on product safety.

24/7 Support

We provide round-the-clock support for the timely collection and assessment of adverse events, ensuring a rapid response to potential safety issues.

At Pro Pharma Research Organization, we are dedicated to safeguarding patient health and maintaining the integrity of the pharmaceutical industry. Our pharmacovigilance services are a critical component of the drug development and marketing process, helping companies navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance while ensuring patient safety. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on innovation, we are your trusted partner in pharmacovigilance.

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